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Professional Development

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Our professional development philosophy:

We recognize that each work place has its own culture and policies, we also recognize the importance of having a staff that feel valued, seen, and heard. 


Our professional development workshops not only can address existing trends, we can also develop customized workshop to promote a healthier work environment for all. 


Our workshops are interactive, affirming, and engaging. 


Topics can include: 

Improve communication skills

Boost staff morale

Increase self-care

Healthy work-life balance

Mediation between management and staff

~This is not an exhaustive list~


Corporate teams

K-12 School Districts

Professional Organizations

Professional Schools

Cultural and Religious Organizations

College Student Affairs units

~This is not an exhaustive list~



Continuing education

Staff Retreat

Community Building

Lunch & Learn

Keynote address

~This is not an exhaustive list~

When you partner with us for staff development, you will get:

Dr. Tam's Columbia educational background (emphasizing the World of Work), scholarship, combined with almost two decades of extensive professional experience in an Employee Assistance Program (within a large labor union in NYC) and higher education. 

We are confident we can work with your team, regardless of the size of your team or the size of your needs.  

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